The Black Church, I


Taken in 2016 during a trip to Iceland

Also known as the Budir Black Church [in English and by tourists], this small wooden structure is located on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula’s southern end.

On the south coast of Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula, there’s a village with only a hotel and a tiny black church called the Búðakirkja.

On paper, the hamlet of Búðir doesn’t sound like much, especially when compared to Snæfellsjökull, the dormant ice-capped volcano looming nearby, but what Búðir lacks in infrastructure it more makes up for in its surreal, dreamlike landscape, epitomized the singular Búðakirkja.

The first Búðakirkja was built on the spot in 1703, but was eventually deconstructed due to the area lack of parishioners. The current church was reconstructed in 1987 after a single member of the church lobbied to have the chapel brought back.

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